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The renovated and restored lighthouse was accessible only at low tide, when the sure footed could walk across the rocky shore to the sea weathered stair case up to the buildings. Though the grounds and keepers quarters were open to the public, access to the area full time was restricted to approved temporary "light keepers".

It was a perfect cover for the eastern European "revolutionary" known to the world as the Baroness to meet her allies in her upcoming venture. One of her rare escapades that had no sinister undertones. The boathouse had been replaced with a helipad, making it impossible to sneak up on the island at high tide, the time she'd appointed for the meeting. The currents made the waters around the island too treacherous to brave.

[ooc: for them who knows who they is]

OOC: Technical Difficulties

I apologize for the lack of an lj cut in my Billy/Kids/Annette post, I can't seem to figure out what went wrong with that.
In which Billy and his cloned spawn move into their new home with the help of Annette.

Tokyo Japan, Sometime in the Future

Billy was exhausted. And so, apparently was the five year old girl curled up beside him with her baby brother cradled in her arms.

He hoped coming here wasn't a mistake. Jinx had offered up her place, Tommy had suggested the old Arashikage homestead, but Billy hadn't been confident that his father would not have been able to find them there. So he'd done something a little strange. He'd gone to Japan, by way of Fandom, hoping that he'd arrived at the correct Japan.

Glancing over at his kids, he pulled his cellphone out of his pocket, and called an old friend.

Fandom High: The New Class

In the not too distant future next Sunday AD, Fandom High was once more welcoming a new batch of wide eyed newcomers to it's hallowed halls.

There were tables loaded down with food, and the familiar chaos of the twice yearly check-in.

Welcome to Fandom High. Hope your brain survives.

OOC: Fandom High: The Next Generation

Hey everybody, just a heads up, on friday I'm gonna put up a post mirroring our classic check in posts, for incoming students.  This would be for the kids, now grown up enough to attend Fandom High.  I'm putting this up early in case y'all want to hunt down teen icons for your young'uns.

OOC: Idea

Hey all, idea of a fun thing for our kids.  A version of that first meet and greet we do every semester, with our Kids showing up for their first day at Fandom High.  Whadda ya think?

Fic: Homecoming (Pandora’s Return)

Title: Homecoming (Pandora’s Return)
Authors: sensethevisions and cantgetnorelief
Rating: All Ages (Hi, six-year-old!) Plenty-o'-schmoop warning in effect, though.
Characters: Phoebe Halliwell, Samuel Anders, Pandora Halliwell, with mentions of Belthazor/Cole Turner, Aziraphale, James Wilson, and Aly and Josh's kids.
Summary/Disclaimer: Pandora's first night back at home, after visiting her AU parents in Fandom. With apologies to demonbelthazor for killing you off!

Six Years Post Fandom High -- San FranciscoCollapse )